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Ant. Tuning Instructions

For a printable copy of these instructions, see this PDF File.

Step 1

To tune the IAC Double Bazooka antenna start by measuring from the end of the 300 ohm end sections of the antenna. Measure a length anywhere from 1 foot to 6 feet depending on where you want the resonant portion of the antenna to be in the band. If this is a Standard Double Bazooka or Shorty Double Bazooka this procedure must be performed on each side of the antenna. See Below

Step 2

Once you have determined the desired length to shorten the antenna fold over this section of the 300 ohm section back on itself and install plastic wire ties. Generally 1 foot per side or less for the CW portion of the band and up to 6 feet per side for the high end of the band. These are only general adjustment settings which may change due to mounting configuration and height above ground. See below

Step 3

Space the plastic wire ties every 6 inches and tighten to ensure the fold over section is secure and will not move out of position. Remove the excess portion of the wire tie. See below

Step 4

The loop you have created at the end of the 300 ohm fold over section is your tie off point for a rope or string. See Below

Step 5

Check the SWR to ensure the correct resonant point of the antenna. If you need to adjust either higher or lower in the band remove the wire ties and restart at section 1 of the tuning instructions.